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International Shipping Policies

The following terms apply to all international shipments.

We have a service for shipping our products in many countries around the world.

Informative Notes:
-Shipments outside of Colombia and the United States are classified as international shipments.
-International shipments are processed through our Website WW.MADECOLOMBIA.COM in the form ‘Contact us’ (Subject: International Purchase), or to the email (Subject: International Purchase) Or through WhatsApp + 1 (818) 626-1011.
-Before delivery to the recipient, the shipment may be subject to customs fees, import duties, taxes and other charges. These charges are always the responsibility of the recipient.
-The international shipping cost quotes are approximate values and may vary depending on the weight and dimensions of the packages.
-The prices are subject to the exchange rate applicable daily.
-These quotes only include freight, taxes or customs costs at destination are not included.
-The transit times are approximate and do not include customs times at origin and destination or other delays.
-MADECOLOMBIA is not responsible for customs legislation or policies at destination such as changes in the modality of shipments.
– All shipments are subject to nationalization processes ordered by the customs of each country, MADECOLOMBIA is not responsible for release costs, nationalization and / or other additional charges.
– All shipments are subject to payment of taxes at destination.
– It is not the responsibility of MADECOLOMBIA, that the declared prices of the merchandise are subject to revision and / or revaluation by customs at destination.
– Rates given in US dollars.
-The prices published on the Website do NOT include shipping costs, except when expressly indicated by a reference or particular promotion.
-The prices of the products may change at any time without prior notice, promotions from other means other than those presented on this Website cannot be combined.
-The customer must provide a valid localizable address, where the order can be delivered. In case the client provides an address that is not located by the shipping company or any other additional cost will be covered by the client. We cannot process orders with an incomplete delivery address.


International shipments and purchases are processed from any country through:

-Our Website WW.MADECOLOMBIA.COM in the form ‘Contact us’ (Subject: International Purchase)

-Email (Subject: International Purchase)

-WhatsApp +1(818)626-1011.