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Returns and Refunds

At Madecolombia we care about the health of our customers, that is why to maintain the hygiene and guarantee of our products we do not accept returns of any of the pieces because they belong to a range of “personal beauty and aesthetic items”.

1.If your order is delivered with any damage or a manufacturing or assembly defect, you must immediately notify any anomaly due to physical damage or missing in your order.

– On our Website WW.MADECOLOMBIA.COM in the ‘Contact Us’ form

– Through our email (Subject: Return Request)

after this period, no claim is made.

2.All orders we ship are meticulously inspected to ensure delivery. If you still receive a damaged package, we ask that you:

Before accepting delivery, inspect the packaging and its contents for possible damage that may have occurred during shipment. It is normal that the packaging may present some damage, but if the damage is significant, we kindly ask you to:

• If the damage is minor, and you decide to accept the package, please take photographic evidence of the damaged packaging and merchandise and contact us immediately.

• If the packaging is seriously damaged, you can reject the order. If this is the case, please take photographic evidence of the damaged packaging and merchandise and contact us immediately.

after this period, no claim is made.

Must consider

-When you contact us, it is important that you indicate the date you made the purchase, the buyer’s name and the tracking number, along with the email address and contact telephone number.

-Our team will request photographic evidence of the damage of the delivered product and the packaging in order to provide you with a timely solution.

-In the event that it proceeds to return, the purchase amount will be refunded as soon as we receive the return order and we verify the status of the pieces contained.

-If the evidence of damage is after the day the merchandise was delivered. Madecolombia is not responsible for damages after delivery (any anomaly must be notified immediately after receiving the order).

-When you return a product, the amount of the refund may vary, depending on the commissions or deductions generated by third parties such as the credit card issuers or the financial institution from which the money was collected.

-Once the shipping company receives your order, the transit time must be taken into account until we can receive it and process your refund.

-If you are going to receive a refund after we have received your order, we may take between three and five business days to process your return and issue the refund (if the returned piece (s) are in perfect hygienic and physical condition).

-Once we issue the refund, your financial institution may take more time to make the funds available in your account.

-If you need information about your refund please contact us through our Website WW.MADECOLOMBIA.COM in the ‘Contact Us’ form or to our email (Subject: Refund Request)

Madecolombia declares that the favorable attention of a claim for Returns and Refunds does not imply the recognition of any type of responsibility nor does it give the right to demand compensation, fines, sanctions or any other type of right.

Returns and Refunds or guarantees do not apply after the product is shipped, you have the responsibility to read and understand the Warranty Policies, Product Conditions of Use and Returns and Refunds before purchasing any part. We recommend that you read carefully.