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Warranty Policies

Madecolombia declares that the favorable attention of a guarantee claim does not imply the recognition of any type of responsibility nor does it give the right to demand compensation, fines, penalties or any other type of right.

You must consider the following conditions

-All the pieces made, materials and other elements used do not present any risk to the health or safety of people, under normal conditions of use.

-The woods used in the products are guaranteed against biological attacks by fungi and insects.

-The appearance of cracks in the wood, as well as color changes, are due to its natural adaptation to variations in temperature and humidity, being characteristics that make the difference with other artificial materials such as stoneware or plastic agglomerates. These cracks and color variations do not detract from structural qualities, functionality, durability and integrity. They are therefore excluded from this guarantee.

-Due to considerable changes in environmental conditions, the wood may contract or expand slightly, so it is advisable not to place them directly in contact with direct sunlight for long periods or too close to air conditioning units.

-The wood must have a correct use and maintenance, you should not use inappropriate cleaning products, you can visit the Product Conditions of Use for more details.

– Damages caused by force majeure (fire, abnormal weather conditions, damp walls, floors or ceilings, floods, inadequate ventilation, etc.) are excluded from this guarantee.

– Damages that have been caused by negligence, misuse or incorrect handling by the customer. They are, excluded from this guarantee, you can visit Product Conditions of Use for more details.

Conditions for the Warranty Request

To be able to apply for the Guarantee, you must take into account the conditions mentioned above and fully comply with the following parameters:

-The piece must be in perfect hygienic conditions.

-The damage to the piece must be due to a manufacturing or assembly defect.

-Does not apply misuse or incorrect handling by the customer, you can visit the Product Conditions of Use for more details.

To make the Warranty Request

– On our Website WW.MADECOLOMBIA.COM in the ‘Contact Us’ form

– Through our email (Subject: Warranty Request)

– Through WhatsApp to the line (315)253-9594 Colombia or 1 (818) 626-1011 rest of the world (from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm)

To make the warranty effective, you must have the product complying with all the parameters named in Conditions for the Warranty Request; You must provide the date of purchase, the name of the buyer and the means of payment that I used at the time of purchase.

Warranty Period

-No refunds or guarantees apply after the product is shipped, you have the responsibility to read and understand the Warranty Policies, Product Conditions of Use, and Returns and Refunds before purchasing any part. We recommend that you read carefully.

-We only make exceptions when the description does not match the product you bought or in the cases mentioned above in Conditions for the Warranty Request, Only under these conditions can the warranty request or the possibility of reimbursement be applied, if applicable These terms will only be effective if the piece is in perfect hygienic and physical condition.

-The purchase date will indicate the start of the warranty period and you can make your request within the first fifteen (15) calendar days after the purchase is made.